Fizz Mobile resolved glitch that caused increase to home internet prices [Update]

Several users complained after internet prices went up, despite Fizz's promise

Videotron’s discount sub-brand Fizz Mobile is reportedly changing subscriber’s internet package prices despite beta participation.

When Fizz rolled out its home internet beta back in November last year, it offered a range of attractive pricing, capping out at $45 per month for 120Mbps speed. Further, the flanker carrier said beta users would be able to keep the lower pricing after the beta ended on March 13th.

Unfortunately, several Fizz subscribers took to Reddit threads and the carrier’s community forums to complain that their home internet prices have increased to as much as $62 per month before tax for the same 120Mbps plan. Oddly, this puts the subscribers’ new price just $10 below what non-beta users would pay for that plan.

Fizz Mobile internet contract

One subscriber’s Fizz Mobile bill, showing old price (left) and new price (right)

The ‘FAQ’ page for Fizz’s home internet beta still notes that beta subscribers will have beta pricing as long as they keep their current plan. If they change plans, they’ll lose that pricing and have to pay the current, in-market cost.

Considering that the new $62 price isn’t even available for users to select, it’s unlikely affected subscribers could have changed their plans to cause this issue.

Fizz Mobile beta subscriber promise

So far, several subscribers have connected with Fizz Mobile representatives who acknowledged the price change was a mistake and are working to fix the issue. Other representatives noted it was a glitch.

Ultimately, if you’re a Fizz Mobile beta subscriber, you may want to check your bill for price changes and contact Fizz to resolve the issue.

Update 05/28/19: Fizz told MobileSyrup in a statement that it has resolved the issue and impacted customers will see their invoices adjusted accordingly. Further, customers who already paid their bills will receive reimbursement.

Source: Reddit, (2), Fizz Mobile Community Forums