Freedom Mobile subscribers can get Shaw’s 100Mbps home internet for $40

Although, the plan comes with a 500GB limit

If you’re a Freedom Mobile subscriber that isn’t on Shaw’s home internet, then the carrier s currently offering a deal on its 1ooMbps internet package.

The deal only applies to Freedom Mobile customers, and it will net you 500GB of 100Mbps internet for $40 per month for the first year. The second-year will cost $50 per month. Both of these prices are still well below the usual $92 a month price.

Shaw’s deal also includes $100 in bill credits.

The fine print details more information about the plan. First off, the installation could cost up to $100 depending on your situation and if you can’t self-install. That said, if it does cost you this much, then the $100 bill credits will cover it.

Beyond that, the fine print also details the early cancellation fee. If you cancel your service before the end of the two-year contract, then it costs $15 per month for each month you have left.

Shaw also has a ‘Price Guarantee‘ that states it won’t raise the cost of your internet with this plan during the two years of service.

The offer is on the table until May 30th, 2019.

Source: Shaw