Sketchy Google Pixel 4 patent reveals dual-camera hole punch display

Pixel 3 XL

A new Google Pixel 4 patent has allegedly been spotted on SlashLeaks.

While interesting, there isn’t much information or proof that this is really an image of the Pixel 4. Additionally, even if this is actually the Pixel 4, many patents — especially those filed by large tech companies — don’t actually become consumer products.

However, you can find the image below:

According to the leak the phone will sport dual front-facing cameras similar to the Galaxy S10+, but on the left side and not the right side of the display. Additionally, it will also keep the dual front-firing speakers.

The inclusion of dual front-facing cameras isn’t necessarily impossible. Google doesn’t make its own screens and last year used Samsung Display to manufacture the Pixel 3 XL’s display. 

Hiring Samsung Display again doesn’t seem unlikely. Previous rumours indicated that Samsung has sent foldable display samples to both Apple and Google. Google could have also asked the company for its hole punch camera technology as well.

This specifical leak currently only has a trust score of 33 percent on SlashLeaks. As a result, take this leak with a grain of salt.

Source: SlashLeaks