Telus offers $115 for 10GB on Premium+ plan for new handsets

Telus sign

Following Rogers, national carrier Telus is also launching a 10GB for $115 deal. This plan is available on the carrier’s Premium+ plan, unlike Rogers, which offered the deal on its Ultra tab.

The deal is good for those who want a lot of gigabytes of data and to purchase or upgrade to a new handset.

Alongside 10GB of data, the plan also gives subscribers unlimited texts, nationwide calling and picture messaging.

While $115 doesn’t seem like a good deal, when you put it in perspective it’s a pretty decent offer. Typically Telus charges $115 for 3GB of data when purchasing a new device, but currently doubles that to 6GB as part of a promotion. Telus’ new promotion gives you an extra 4GB of data for free.

To get 10GB of data without the promotion on the company’s Premium+ plan, you’d spend $125, an extra $10 more, for 24 months. It’s worth noting that this option is typically a 5GB plan, but thanks to the double data promo, you get 10GB.

The company is also offering $125 for 10GB on the company’s Platinum plan. Telus’ Platinum plan takes off more of the upfront price of a handset and breaks it up to the customer’s monthly costs.

Similar to the Premium+ plan, $125 on the Platinum plan will regularly get customers 6GB of data and to get 10GB clients would have to pay $135.

To break it down further, if you’re to bring your own device to Telus, and want 10GB of data, you’d spend $100 per month. So for example, if you wanted the Samsung Galaxy S10+, you’d spend $290 outright and then pay $115 per month. So over two years, you’d spend $3,050. That said, if you bring your own device you end up paying $,2400 for two years.

This means the customer is only spending $650 for the $1,575 Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 10GB of data per month.