‘Digital Wellbeing’ causing performance issues for some Pixel 3a users

Some users claim disabling Digital Wellbeing makes older Pixel devices faster as well

If you’ve already got your hands on one of the new Pixel 3a or 3a XL devices, you may have noticed some performance issues causing stuttering and slowness.

However, some users may have found a solution. According to a Reddit thread about the issue, turning off Google’s Digital Wellbeing app seems to speed things up.

Digital Wellbeing, for the unfamiliar, was added to Android Pie last year to help users track their phone usage and provide tools to cut down on and control bad habits.

Tools include overviews of app usage, such as how much time you spend on Instagram or Twitter, as well as options to cap usage of certain apps.

It’s not clear why Digital Wellbeing is causing the issues. The app runs fine on other devices and doesn’t cause problems, but some Reddit users with older Pixel devices claimed disabling it helped speed up their phones.

Disable Digital Wellbeing

It’s possible the problem isn’t with Digital Wellbeing at all, and the improvement is merely circumstantial. While several Redditors claim there are problems, it’s important to remember that that is a small part of the user base.

At this point, it’s difficult to tell how widespread the issue is.

If you’ve got a Pixel 3a or 3a XL and want to turn off Digital Wellbeing, open the Settings app and search for ‘Usage Access.’ Locate Digital Wellbeing and toggle the option that says ‘Permit Usage Access.’

Source: Reddit Via: Tom’s Guide