Android Q can add dark mode to every app on your phone

It's a little janky, but if you want dark mode I don't know if it get's better than this

If you love dark mode on your phone, there’s a mind-blowing developer option in Android Q that forces the feature on all third-party apps.

Google added a ‘Dark theme‘ to its OS which changes things like notifications, and a majority of its apps like Photos, Contacts, and more. This developer setting takes care of everything else.

The feature is in the developer options so you’ll have to go into Settings then ‘About phone’ and tap on the build number seven times to reveal the dev settings.

Once you do this go into the ‘System’ settings. Expand the ‘Advanced’ section and open ‘Developer options.’

As you scroll through these settings, you’ll find something called  ‘Override force-dark.’ Turning this on means that whenever you open an app, voila, it has a dark mode.

Truth be told, this doesn’t work great in a lot of apps, but the ones where it does it’s pretty fantastic. On a side note, you can also change the font, OS accent colour and icon shape at the bottom of the dev options.

Below are a  bunch of examples: