Vidéotron and partners bring 5G testing to Montreal

Vidéotron and its partners in the Open-Air Laboratory for Smart Living (LabVI) have announced that a 5G testing site is now live in the Montreal’s Quartier de l’innovation.

The site replicates 5G features such as faster speeds, better geographic coverage, increased bandwidth and reduced latency.

The infrastructure supports mobile services and connected devices, and is connected to a 5G radio antenna.

“We want to give the scientific community and start-ups the opportunity to test actual applications and projects at LabVI by making the connectivity of the future available to them,” said Serge Legris, Vidéotron’s vice-president, in a press release.

The new network has been installed on the roof of the École de Technologie Supérieure, at an existing LTE site. Vidéotron and Ericsson engineered the site.

Vidéotron and its partners aim to advance innovation and cultivate research with the opening of this site.

“With 5G, innovative technological applications that serve human needs will become a reality in the next few years,” said Legris. “They will be used in smart transportation systems, security, entertainment, healthcare, traffic control and AI. The possibilities are endless!”

The development of 5G technology will support the secure interconnection of a larger number of devices, such as sensors and probes that will be capable of transmitting information in real time.