OpenTable encourages diners to put their phone away during Mother’s Day

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Do you know what’s really sad?

According to a new OpenTable survey, 74 percent of diners are on their phone while they are eating with others.

And frankly, that’s not cool especially on Mother’s Day, which is coming up on May 12th.

So as part of the occasion, OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation service, is encouraging diners to participate in #DiningMode.

OpenTable wants diners to put their phone aside and give “the gift of being present” to the person they’re dining with, and most likely it’s going to be your mom.

“All diners can participate while dining out at any restaurant or by visiting one of the nearly 70 OpenTable restaurants in Canada or one of the nearly 500 restaurants worldwide,” the company said.

The challenge is to get people to set their phones aside and we all know how challenging that can be sometimes.

In the survey that OpenTable commissioned, 76 percent rank Mother’s Day meal as the number one occasion when people should avoid checking their phones.”

It also found that nearly one-third of adults say sharing a meal on Mother’s Day is the most meaningful gift.

Eighty-two percent of participants say they have been annoyed when their dining companion is on their phone and 25 percent say they avoid eating with the person if they continue to use their phone.

“By going into #DiningMode this Mother’s Day, diners will have the opportunity to focus their attention on the mom in their lives and truly connect over a fabulous meal,” chief dining officer at OpenTable Caroline Potter said.

OpenTable surveyed 1,000 adults in Canada 18 years or older and it was conducted on March 19th.

So, while we are all so focused on social media, on the news, what’s happening online, how about this Mother’s Day, we put the phones away and enjoy some quality time with the person who loves you unconditionally?

What are you planning to do for Mother’s Day? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: OpenTable