Twitter is rolling out ‘Lights Out’ feature that uses a black background for dark mode


Twitter is rolling out an even darker ‘Night Mode.’

The company has tweeted out an announcement about a new dark mode feature that brings an actual black background called ‘Lights Out.’

Night Mode with an actual black background will help users save battery power since OLED screens need to light up pixels that aren’t truly black. This means that phones will only need to light up the pixels for writing, pictures and icons in the app.

The update is rolling out now to only iOS users, according to a statement we’ve received from Twitter. Though Android users still have the original and Night Mode as well as the ability to that Night mode on a timer.

Keep checking your app to see if you now have the update on your device. It’s worth noting that you may need to restart your Twitter app as noted in the social media platform’s announcement tweet.

“Our new Dark Mode themes were designed to address the accessibility needs and personal preferences of the people who use our service,” says Cam Gordon, head of communications of Twitter Canada. “Our design and research teams worked with accessibility consultants to develop these themes, which will be easier on both the eyes and your phone battery.”

Update: 28/03/2019: We’ve received an update from Twitter saying that the Light’s Off variant is only available on iOS.