Some carriers now offer low-cost data-only plans requested by CRTC

Telus flankers Koodo and Public Mobile, and Bell flankers Virgin and Lucky Mobile now have data-only plans

Some Canadian carriers have started offering low-cost data-only plans in accordance with a commitment to the CRTC to make these plans available by the end of March 2019.

Telus flanker brands Koodo and Public Mobile, along with Bell-owned Virgin Mobile and Lucky Mobile now have data-only plans.

At the time of writing, Rogers flanker Fido did not have the data-only plans the carrier submitted to the CRTC, but the plans will launch soon.

Chatr did have the low-cost data-only plans it submitted to the CRTC. This includes a $15 per month plan with 100 Canada-wide minutes and international text, picture and video messaging. If users sign-up for Chatr’s ‘Auto-pay’ service, customers get a bonus 250MB of 3G data. There’s also a $25 per month plan with 500MB of 3G data with unlimited incoming Canada-wide minutes, international text, picture and video messaging. Again, if customers sign up for Auto-pay, they get a bonus 500MB of data, bringing the total up to 1GB of 3G data.

Chatr low-cost data-only plans

Those not interested in Auto-pay can sign-up for the base Chatr plans, but will lose out on the extra 250MB and 500MB of data.

Koodo low-cost data-only plan

Koodo kept its offering the same as that submitted to the CRTC last year. That means customers can sign up for a $30 per month 1GB plan with LTE data speed. The plan offers pay-per-use (PPU) access to voice and outgoing SMS messages (incoming messages are free). The plan is postpaid.

Public Mobile low-cost data-only plan

Those looking for prepaid options can sign-up with Public Mobile’s $30 1GB plan with LTE. The plan is similar to Koodo’s, but users can only add voice options through plan add-ons and not through PPU means.

Public also offers a $20 per month 250MB plan with 3G speed, which wasn’t part of the submission to the CRTC.

Virgin Mobile low-cost data-only plan

Virgin Mobile’s offering is $28 per month for 1GB of LTE data, available as either a postpaid or prepaid plan. It also offers access to PPU calling and texting.

Lucky Mobile offers a $15 per month prepaid plan with 500MB of 3G data. The website notes that calling and texting, automatic top-ups and data add-ons, among other things, are not available on this plan.

Lucky Mobile low-cost data-only plan

Despite the CRTC’s choice to go through with these plans, several public interest advocates have derided the offerings, calling them a “slap in the face.” Others have called for the removal of Ian Scott as chair of the CRTC over the disappointing low-cost plans.

Regardless, these low-cost data-only options are now available for customers. If these plans fit your needs, you can sign up online or in-store now.

Update 11/03/2019: Corrected an error regarding Chatr’s low-cost data-only plans, and added details about said plans.