Oppo’s foldable phone seems to suggest Huawei has the right idea

Oppo's jumping on the foldable bandwagon

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo showed off a foldable phone prototype during, but not at, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, making it part of the exclusive foldable phone club.

Within the last few days, we’ve seen foldable devices from SamsungHuawei, TCL and now, of course, Oppo.

Oppo’s foldable design is more like Huawei’s with the screen folding toward the outside instead of toward the inside like on Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

This design provides a few advantages like the fact the display can be full-sized and the screen doesn’t have to fold flat like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Although it looks like phones with this kind of fold do have the drawback of having a wave or bump in the middle of the screen while it’s open.

There isn’t anything else known about the phone, but Oppo CEO Brian Shen posted photos of it on Weibo and said if he gets enough “retweets” he may consider mass producing the phone, but that’s likely a joke, reports Engadget.

Source: Engadget