CRTC wants more input from Canadians on creation of internet code

Canadians can share their views on the CRTC Facebook page from February 21st to March 4th, 2019

CRTC logo on wall

The CRTC wants to hear from Canadians about the possible creation of a mandatory code of conduct for internet service providers.

Starting February 21st, 2019 and running until March 4th, 2019, the CRTC invites Canadians to share their views about the issue on its Facebook page. Alternatively, Canadians can weigh in via email.

While the CRTC wants to hear from all Canadians, it especially wants those paying for internet services and who may have experienced issues with contract clarity, bill shock and cancelling or changing service providers to weigh in.

“With this proceeding, we are reaching out to Canadians on the digital platforms they use, such as Facebook,” said CRTC chairperson and CEO Ian Scott.

“This is a great opportunity for Canadians to share with us their ideas to solve the various issues they may face when dealing with the business practices of Internet service providers.”

Additionally, CRTC will add posts that comply with its Rules of Engagement and are posted on the specific Facebook photo album to the public record for the ongoing proceeding.

Along with comments on the need for an internet code, the CRTC is seeking input on its content, implementation, administration, enforcement and promotion.

Further, the internet code should establish consumer-friendly business practices, ensure contracts are easy-to-understand, make it easier for Canadians to switch providers and take advantage of competitive offers, and more.

Previously, the CRTC consulted Canadians and other interested parties on the possible implementation of an internet code in November and December 2018.

Additionally, the CRTC created the Wireless Code in 2013 and the Television Service Provider Code in 2017.

To learn more about the social media consultation, check out the CRTC’s website or Facebook page.