Gmail’s new look is rolling to all Android users now

Get ready for a lot of white

Gmail redesign

Google’s significant Gmail redesign is now available to all Android users through a Play Store update following its initial announcement last month.

You may have noticed the new update if you suddenly found your emails much brighter than before. As with many of Google’s new Material Design updates, the new Gmail is predominantly white with splashes of colour throughout.

Gmail redesigned welcome

Additionally, the design makes use of the search giant’s Google Sans font, a new search bar and account switcher and more. Plus, Google seems to have cleaned things up as well, making things look less crowded.

While I certainly like the new look, I think the lack of a dark mode here is frustrating. Hopefully, Google will implement it soon — as it has with many of its other apps.

On top of that, the new design is little more than a fresh coat of paint. Gmail is still Gmail and should work as it always has.

The update is officially available for all Android devices today — I downloaded it this morning — and will come to iOS users soon as well.

Via: The Verge