Koodo deal gets you a Pixel 2 XL, P20 or Galaxy A8 for $360

Koodo is clearing out some older devices with this wicked sale

Pixel 2 XL

Koodo has reduced the prices of three decent phones on its Tab Medium plan tier.

The Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy A8 and the Huawei P20 are now available for $0 at Koodo if you sign up for a Tab Medium plan. These phones were previously $150.

With this deal, the phone costs $0 up front, and you’ll pay $15 per month on top of your data and calling package to subsidize the cost of the device. That means throughout two years you’re paying off $360, which is the cost of the phone with this deal.

All of these devices can be paired with one of the carrier’s Lunar New Year’s deals while they’re still available.

While this isn’t the best deal, it does net you a relatively modern phone for essentially $360. The only catch is you have to pay it off over 24 months. If you choose to buy the phone outright from the get-go it costs $900.

Notably, Google is selling the Pixel 2 XL outright for $749 CAD. Sso if you wanted one up front, with no hassles that’s an option.

Although, it seems like you can get one of these phones for $360 with the Tab Medium sale. If you get a device on the Tab Medium sale and wait 90 days, then buy out of the Tab you are basically getting the device off contract for $360.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Koodo for clarification on this, but as far as we can tell it seems like a terrific deal.

Source: Koodo