LG confirms G8 ThinQ branding for next its flagship

Despite previous speculation, LG will, in fact, keep the G-series branding in 2019

LG has confirmed the G series branding in its latest newswire post.  

The South Korean company recently published a press release revealing that its next flagship handset will be called the G8 ThinQ. The release also states that the device will feature a front-facing time-of-flight camera for 3D face scanning.

While LG naming its next flagship device the G8 shouldn’t be much of a surprise, there has been some speculation that the South Korean company will re-brand its G series. 

In January of 2018, even an LG spokesperson said that the company is looking into a variety of new branding options for the flagship series.

However, it’s possible that LG might have something hidden up its sleeves. While the company plans to keep the G-series branding, it’s possible that LG has plans to launch a new phone series as well.

Rumours suggest LG will unveil a 5G V-series smartphone at Mobile World Congress, alongside a handset that users can attach a rear-facing display. Additionally, the South Korean company released a teaser suggesting its next phone will sport touchless gestures — or vice versa.

While the LG G8 ThinQ might be the device with both touchless gestures and a modular display, it’s also possible that LG could launch a new flagship level handset that features a modular display, with the G8 including touchless gestures.

We’ll just have to wait for LG’s official G8 ThinQ keynote that takes place on February 24th at Mobile World Congress to know for sure.