Koodo’s Lunar New Year promotion offers 3GB of data for $48

The year of the pig begins on February 5th

Koodo is the latest Canadian carrier to offer a mid-sized data deal to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The Telus flanker brand is offering subscribers a two-year bring your own device contract with 3GB of data with 500 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited text messaging and unlimited evening and weekend calling for $48 CAD.

Fido is offering a similar plan with 5GB of data and 500-Canada wide minutes that costs $68 CAD.

Fido was the first carrier to provide a $48 3GB deal with 1,000 long distance minutes, and the other carriers quickly followed suit. Virgin Mobile is also offering a very similar deal with 3GB of data and 1,000 long distance minutes too.

Koodo’s plan is the odd one out since it doesn’t offer the long distance minutes. The plan is available to subscribers on small, medium and BYOD tab sizes. The small tab adds an extra $10 to the monthly bill price, and the Medium tab adds $15.

There’s a one-time $35 connection fee needed to set up the plan.

Source: Koodo