Virgin Mobile offers Lunar New Year deals similar to Fido

Virgin is offering customers 3GB of data + 1000 international calling minutes for $48

Bell’s Virgin Mobile is offering a bunch of new deals to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year.

Right smack on the front page of its website, Virgin Mobile advertises a “Lunar New Year Deal” offering new subscribers 3GB of data with 500 Canada-wide minutes for $48 per month.

The other offered deals include 3GB unlimited Canada-wide calling minutes for $53 per month, 5GB with 500 Canada-wide minutes for $58 per month, and 5GB with unlimited Canada-wide minutes for $63 per month.

It is not clear whether there are limitations to which countries you can call to.

Virgin confirmed in an email that all post-paid in-market plans that include voice will include 1,000 bonus long-distance minutes.

The deal was launched at just the same time Rogers’ flanker brand Fido releases a very similar promotion.

On January 24th, Fido announced new subscribers can activate a 24-month plan that provides 3GB of data and 1,000 minutes to China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan for $48 per month.

Update 25/01/18 4:21 pm: Virgin Mobile clarified if all the deals included the 1,000 bonus long-distance minutes.

Source: Virgin Mobile