Toronto-based eSight to reduce price of electronic glasses for the blind

The 40 percent price reduction will make the glasses more affordable

eSight glasses

Ahead of CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Toronto-based eSight has announced a significant price reduction for its industry-leading electronic glasses for the blind.

The 40 percent price reduction will see the $9,500 USD (approximately $12,706 CAD) cost of the glasses reduced to $5,950 USD (about $7,958 CAD).

eSight says substantial business growth has enabled the price reduction.

“Due to our strong momentum, particularly from a user growth perspective, the cost of producing our electronic glasses has fallen considerably,” said Dr. Brian Mech, eSight’s president and CEO.

Further, growing global interest prompted the company to open offices in the U.S. and France as well as make the eSight glasses available in over 45 countries.

The price reduction represents eSight’s commitment to providing affordable, mobility-enhancing solutions to the visually impaired.

eSight glasses use a high-speed, high-definition camera to record footage. The glasses playback the footage in realtime on near-to-eye screens to help the user see.

Further, the glasses are specifically designed to help those with low vision or the legally blind to see without hindering mobility.

Overall, it’s great to see the company move towards a more affordable price, which should allow more people to access the technology.