Rogers has a new virtual assistant named Anna

Rogers has a new virtual assistant

Rogers has a new virtual assistant named Anna and it’s here to help customers with their most commonly asked questions.

In a recent video posted to Rogers’ YouTube account, Anna announced that it’s “here to help you get the answers you want, [to] the questions you have.”

“For many of your Rogers related questions, I can answer them for you quickly and easily. I’m here for you 24/7 around the clock,” the virtual assistant said in the video.

Anna noted in the video that it can be found on the Rogers Contact Us page and can help customers with various things like “check your mobile usage,” or “check your online bill.”

Rogers said that the virtual assistant was launched as a first stop for when customers get in touch with any problems; Anna can answer more than 80 commonly asked questions

Anna was created from insight and feedback from customers that asked common questions like “how to pay a bill” or “Roam Like Home ” related questions.

If Anna isn’t able to answer a question, Rogers said that the customer will be redirected to a chat agent within the Care, Credit Operations or Technical Support departments.

It’s important to note that Anna doesn’t need customer information to answer questions and will ask customers to log-in to their MyRogers account if it needs to answer specific account-related questions.

Source: Rogers