Fizz Mobile to offer home internet, in addition to LTE wireless service

The service will offer 'intelligent Wi-Fi coverage'

Fizz Mobile trying to fix bug

Videotron mid-range flanker brand Fizz Mobile appears to be gearing up for the launch of a home internet product with “intelligent Wi-Fi coverage.”

Based on information available on Fizz Mobile’s website, more information about the telecom service provider’s home internet service will be available at a later date.

“In the very near future, Fizz will be offering Home internet service with intelligent Wi-Fi coverage,” reads an excerpt from the Fizz Mobile website.

“Stay tuned for more information. Stay tuned.”

Quebec-based regional provider Videotron sells a variety of home internet packages, ranging from a $45.95 per month hybrid fibre 15Mbps package to a fibre $145.95 gigabit fibre package.

News of Fizz Mobile’s existence emerged in September 2018. At the time, Quebec and Ottawa residents were able to sign up for an invitation to join the carrier’s beta program.

The carrier has since opened its beta program to all Quebec and Ottawa residents, without the need for an invitation.