New Microsoft patent hints at folding Surface device, could be Andromeda

The patent gives an incredibly detailed look at the hinge mechanism of the device

Surface Pocket Edition

A newly discovered Microsoft patent shows off a detailed mechanism for a folding-display Surface device.

While the patent could hint at a potential Andromeda prototype, the illustrations are a departure from recent Andromeda patents.

The patent comes via Steven Lack on Twitter (@stevenwlack). He tweeted a link to the patent files.

Regardless, this new hinge patent is quite complex and detailed.

Things start off simply enough, with an overview of a tablet-like device with a flexible display and a hinge running through the middle. There’s also mention of a ‘deformable member’ in the middle that likely covers and protects the hinge.

Microsoft folding Surface patent

However, the patent explores what’s beneath that ‘deformable member,’ outlining the hinge assembly before diving into its inner workings.

The patent goes on to elaborate how the hinge can change length during rotation to avoid damaging the display.

Additionally, the patent notes that without the support of the ‘deformable member,’ the center of the display may feel “mushy.”

Microsoft hinge patent

While it’s important to note that patents don’t always make it to the real world, the level of detail here suggests this could be something Microsoft is building.

Considering the departure from what we’ve seen regarding what the Andromeda device could be, these patents could be for something else entirely. Maybe a new Surface tablet that’s super portable. Surface Go 2, anyone?

What do you think Microsoft is working on with these crazy hinges? Let us know down below.

Source: Steven Lack (@stevenwlack) Via: Windows Central