foodora now delivering items from 7-Eleven stores in Canada

foodora app

On-demand food delivery service foodora has announced that customers can now order items and special bundles from various 7-Eleven locations across Canada.

With the foodora Android and iOS app, Canadians can order a variety of 7-Eleven products, including snacks, drinks, food, medicine, sanitary products and more.

Orders can be placed for delivery or pick-up from one of 48 locations in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

In an interview with The Toronto Star, foodora managing director David Albert said 7-11 service is currently only running on limited hours (typically between 10am and midnight, depending on the day and city). However, he said the company does “have intentions to ultimately be 24 hours.”

foodora says the partnership with 7-Eleven is “the first of its kind between a retail convenience store of this size and a food delivery service in Canada.”