Nomad’s Slim Wallet features built-in Tile tracker pocket

Nomad Wallet

I’ve tried placing various tracking devices inside my wallet in the past, but it’s never really worked out for me.

In the case of Trackr, the tiny, metallic device eventually ended up bending and no longer working, while with Tile’s Style, the accessory was just too bulky to fit comfortably in my wallet.

The Slim, Tile’s thinnest offering, should have solved this issue for me, but standard wallets typically still lack a suitable location to slide the accessory in to.

Tile Nomad Wallet

This is a problem Nomad’s ‘Slim Wallet’ with built-in Tile Slim pocket aims to solve. The fabric pocket, which sits on the left inner side of the wallet, features stretchable fabric, ensuring the Tile Slim fits snugly in the Nomad’s side slot.

For the uninitiated, Tile’s various devices can easily be tracked through a companion iOS or Android app. If you misplace your wallet at home — something I do on an almost weekly basis — launch the app and tap on the Nomad Wallet. A noise will then emit from the Tile Slim inside the wallet, allowing you to easily locate it buried in your couch cushions. Further, if you happen to lose the Nomad Wallet elsewhere, Tile’s Community Find feature, which connects to other Tile users that happen to be in range of your wallet, can help you locate it.

Given Nomad’s Wallet is constructed of vegetable-tanned leather, it’s important to keep in mind that it does show significant wear and tear easily. That said, in some cases this patina look is actually why people opt for leather wallets.

Further, while Nomad states the Slim wallet is thin, it’s a little on the thicker side — especially once you’ve packed a few cards in it. In order to fit everything I needed to in the wallet, I had to trim down the number cards I carry around on a daily basis.

Nomad Wallet closed

Also, if you’re the type of person who tends to have a lot of change on them, Nomad’s Slim Wallet isn’t for you.

Since I typically avoid physical cash at all costs, the lack of a pouch of some sort for change wasn’t an issue for me.

In other Tile-related news, the tracking device company recently revealed its new Mate and Pro series trackers, replacing last year’s impressive Sport and Style. The big change this time around is the fact that the new Mate and Pro offer the ability to replace batteries, a feature the Tile Slim, unfortunately, doesn’t include.

Nomad’s Slim Wallet is priced at $79 USD (about $102 CAD) and is available directly through the company’s website.