Vancouver-made TowerFall now available on Nintendo Switch

TowerFall Nintendo Switch

Vancouver-based indie developer Matt Makes Games’ TowerFall is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

TowerFall is an archery combat arena game in which fighters must defeat one another using arrows and head stomps. There are a variety of game modes that support up to four players, including an elimination match-up where archers have a limited amount of arrows.

The Switch version of TowerFall also adds several new and exclusive features, including six-player battles using widescreen levels, new gameplay variants and guest archers Madeline and her reflection Badeline from Matt Makes Games’ acclaimed 2018 platformer Celeste.

TowerFall has quite an interesting lineage. Developed primarily by Matt Thorson, the game was originally released in June 2013 on the ill-fated Android-powered Ouya microconsole.

In March 2014, Matt Makes Games ported TowerFall to PlayStation 4 and PC (under the name TowerFall Ascension on the latter platform). However, the game received even greater exposure when it was included as a free game in Sony’s PlayStation Plus service in June 2014. A PlayStation Vita version later came in December 2015, while an Xbox One port launched in January 2017.

TowerFall can be downloaded for $25.19 CAD on the Nintendo Switch.