Last night’s ‘Jeopardy!’ video game category left contestants clueless

Jeopardy! contestant

A word of warning to up-and-coming Jeopardy! contestants — it might be a good idea to brush up on your video game knowledge.

That’s a lesson the three players in September 26th’s episode of the long-running trivia series probably wish they’d learned sooner.

The writing was on the wall as soon as it became clear that the contestants were deliberately avoiding the video games category. Once all other questions had been answered, they had no choice but to jump right in.

The first question — “This company’s ‘Infinity’ allowed you to play characters from The Incredibles and Cars, to name a few” (for 200) — didn’t go so badly. Evelyn incorrectly responded with Pixar, which, given the fact that Cars and The Incredibles are Pixar films, is a fair enough answer. Jordan then correctly followed up with Disney, although he had an incredibly uncertain look on his face.

From there, things started to get worse.

For $400, the trio was asked “Morrowind and Skyrim are iterations of this ‘venerable’ set of games.” Jordan responded with Dragon Age — made by none other than Canada’s own Bioware Edmonton — when the correct answer was Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls franchise. Still, both franchises are fantasy RPGs, so it’s not too far off. Evelyn and the other competitor, Nancy, did not respond.

Similarly, when asked the $1,000 question “Make your future fighting Ghaul, leader of the Red Legion in the second iteration of this Bungie game,” Jordan mistakenly said Halo instead of Destiny. At least he knew that Bungie made Halo. Nancy and Evelyn had no idea.

From here, though, none of the contestants could provide an answer.

  • “A big gaming story of 2018 is Fortnite: This genre of game where the winner is last shooter or last team standing.” (For 600) — the correct answer was “battle royale”
  • “In the classic video game Joust, contestants were placed upon these birds.” (For 800) — the correct answer was “ostrich”

“We’re doing well with video games, aren’t we?” Sudbury, Ontario-born host Alex Trebek sarcastically remarked towards the end of the segment.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that video game questions proved difficult for Jeopardy! contestants. Last November, two out of three contestants were left puzzled over the game’s final question about Pokémon. 

Via: Kotaku