Giant Tiger opens high-tech distribution centre in Johnstown, Ontario

The centre will use modern robotics to speed up delivery times

Ottawa-based discount store brand Giant Tiger announced on Thursday that its newest distribution centre in Johnstown, Ontario is now operational.

The centre supports 300 full-time employees, encompasses 600,000 square feet of land and has state-of-the-art warehouse robotics.

Giant Tiger is even utilizing a Symbotic system of 210 autonomous robots that move freely up, down and across the racks of inventory at around 40 km an hour. There’s also a host of large robotic arms from the Montreal-based company Axium Inc. The arms work with the Sybotic system to unpack incoming pallets and build outgoing shipments. This system can pack denser and taller pallets compared to Giant Tiger’s pervious system.

The company processes around 100 orders per day. The new distribution centre allows it to receive, pick, pack and ship orders within 24 hours.

The new centre is strategically located close to the 401 corridor in Ontario to help the company save around $1 million on shipping per year.

Source: Giant Tiger Stores Limited