ISED launches consultations to review broadcasting, telecom sectors

A final report will be presented to government by January 31st, 2020


Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel has officially launched its consultation process to review Canada’s Telecommunications ActRadiocommunication Act and Broadcasting Act.

Industry stakeholders and other “interested parties” have until November 30th, 2018 to submit comments to inform the panel’s review process.

According to a September 25th, 2018 ISED media release, the panel also plans on attending industry and academic conferences, as well as holding meetings with “experts, creators, stakeholders and other interested parties, including those from Indigenous and official-language minority communities.”

The panel’s Responding to the New Environment: A Call for Comments publication outlines the group’s core goals of reducing barriers to access; supporting the creation, production and discoverability of Canadian content; improving the rights of digital consumers; and renewing the communications sector’s institutional framework.

In addition to its broad goals, the panel will also seek to answer questions about net neutrality, privacy, cybersecurity, spectrum regulation and competition in Canada’s telecommunications sectors.

The federal government formally launched its review of the nation’s core broadcasting, radio and telecommunications laws on June 5th, 2018.

The group — led by Janet Yale, a former executive vice president at Vancouver-based national carrier Telus and former director general at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) — initially met on June 26th and June 27th, 2018 to discuss first steps and to identify the primary priority of developing a consultation plan.

The panel has until January 31st, 2020 to submit its final report to government.

Source: ISED