YouTube Kids gets new parental controls and a mode for older kids

Parents can select approved content for kids to watch

YouTube Kids approved content

Google’s YouTube Kids platform is getting some new parental control features as well as settings for older kids.

The parental control options now allow parents to restrict kids to approved content only. Parents can then approve the content they feel is acceptable for their kids to use.

To activate approved content, simply navigate to your child’s profile and select ‘Approved content only.’

Once your child is set to approved content, parents can tap the ‘+’ button to select approved content. Parents can select individual videos, channels and collections of channels for kids to view.

However, enabling this mode will not allow kids to search for content on their own.

YouTube Kids is also getting a mode for older users. The new mode is set for kids aged eight to 12.

The new content experience is less restricted. Furthermore, it enables content like popular music and gaming videos.

Parents can change the content level for kids on the fly as well.

The ‘Younger’ version will remain the same, with the same content parents have come to expect.

Currently, the features are rolling out in the U.S. YouTube plans to expand the new features globally soon.

Source: Google