Google brings its YouTube Kids app to Canada, but not for those in Quebec

After launching in the US in February, Google has brought its popular YouTube Kids suite of apps to Canada, but not those located in Quebec.

Available on iOS and Android, YouTube Kids distils Google’s enormous online video library to a set of child-friendly channels curated by YouTube itself, as well as its content partners like Treehouse, CBC, TVO and National Geographic.

The app’s on-boarding experience allows parents to set timers and a passcode, to ensure moderated access, and the search is voice-powered for kids who don’t yet know how to read or write.

YouTube Kids is broken into four sections, Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore, which make it easy for parents to find something entertaining or educational.

The app also supports Chromecast on both iOS and Android, and AirPlay on iOS.

Update: Google has reported back to us to the reason YouTube kids is not available in Quebec, stating that “Quebec is a unique environment and we’re not launching YouTube Kids in the province at this time. We are going to take a very thoughtful approach to how we can expand the app to other markets.” – IH