Google Go hits 10 million installs, could indicate success of Android Go

10 million installs is a solid number

Google Go app

Google Go, the search giant’s lighter Google app for Android Go, has passed 10 million installations in the Play Store.

Considering Google Go comes preinstalled on Android Go and that the company hasn’t released official sales information regarding the platform, Google Go could indicate the success of Android Go.

That being said, it doesn’t mean there are over 10 million Android Go devices out in the wild. That number is more of an upper ceiling.

Plenty of people could be using the app on regular Android devices. This could potentially throw the install number on the Play Store out of whack.

Furthermore, considering Android handset sales have topped 626 million units so far in 2018, 10 million Android Go isn’t a lot.

Ultimately, it’s not clear what Google expects from the Android Go line — 10 million isn’t a small number regardless.

Hopefully, this number continues to grow as more low-cost, good Android Go handsets become more available.

Source: Android Police