Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller is now available in Canada

Xbox One Adaptive Controller

Microsoft has launched its accessibility-minded Xbox Adaptive Controller in Canada.

Announced back in May, the Adaptive Controller is designed specifically for gamers with limited mobility.

Specifically, the controller features multiple large programmable buttons on the front, as well as a variety of 3.5mm jacks and USB ports for any assistive devices the user may already own.

Microsoft even designed the packaging of the controller to be easily openable by removing any twist ties, zip cords, paper and the like.

The Adaptive Controller can now be ordered for $129.99 CAD from Microsoft’s website.

Microsoft is also selling a $24.99 Wii Nunchuk-esque one-handed joystick from accessory maker PDP, as well as an $89.99 RAM Tough-Claw mount for the controller itself.

We’ll have more on the Xbox Adaptive Controller in the coming weeks.