Nest investigates Hello doorbell issue that delays notifications

Delayed notifications caused users to miss packages and people at the door

Nest Hello Doorbell

Nest announced that it’s investigating an issue related to delayed notifications with the Hello doorbell.

Customers raised many complaints regarding the Hello doorbell on the company’s community forums over the last few months.

Nest is finally acknowledging those complaints.

The company has asked for users to be patient while it works to implement a bug-free fix.

The delays have caused some customers to miss packages or guests that came to the door because the doorbell notified them late.

The company also said that it was looking to make the notification cooldown period adjustable.

The setting was initially introduced as a way to cut down on notification spam. After users received a notification, the doorbell wouldn’t send another for a short time.

According to Android Police, the company is also offering a complimentary Aware subscription for all affected doorbells.

If you’ve already filed a complaint with Nest, the company will reach out to you regarding the subscription.

However, if you haven’t filed a complaint, you’ll have to reach out to Nest for the Aware subscription.

Have you been having problems with your Hello doorbell? Let us know down below.

Source: Nest Via: Android Police