Build Professional Product Demonstrations for $52 with Fleeq Premium

Social media content needs to be easy to digest, so blasting your audience with text is a surefire way to be ignored. The most successful product demonstrations—whether they’re large corporations or from small Kickstarters—use video. Videos provide both visual and textual information, making them easy to consume when scrolling down your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Companies big and small are investing millions into video campaigns to showcase their products, so you’ll need to launch a good campaign to compete. Outsourcing videographers and editors to produce your videos can be pricey, especially if your company is small, but for $52.11 CAD, Fleeq Premium will let you make polished product videos with little production experience.

Fleeq Premium was made with product showcases in mind. It allows users to create share, and track their videos, or “Fleeqs,” easily; all you have to do is choose a screenshot, mark sections, and plug in descriptions. You can tweak your Fleeqs further with colors, a logo, a domain name, and more. Additionally, you can track the performance of your Fleeqs with notifications, feedback, and actionable analytics. With Fleeq Premium, you can create up to 6 MP4 videos and 12 GIFs per month.

A lifetime subscription to Fleeq Premium is usually $938.12 CAD [$720 USD], but this deal brings it down to $52.11 CAD [$39.99 USD], or 94% off.