Koodo offers $60/10GB promo plan in New Brunswick

It looks like this time $60/10GB is available with no strings attached

The Big Gig is back in New Brunswick courtesy of Telus flanker brand Koodo.

The carrier is currently offering a promo plan with 10GB of data for $60 per month. The plan also includes unlimited talk and text allotments.

According to MobileSyrup reader Jeff, who tipped us on the plan, he was not asked to upgrade to a new device or add a tab to his plan to take advantage of the promotion. This is in contrast to Koodo’s other recent $60/10GB promo offer, which the carrier started offering earlier this month, where customers were asked to add a $15 per month tab to their account.

It’s not clear, however, if the plan is available to new customers; Jeff was an existing Koodo customer. Moreover, it doesn’t appear Koodo is advertising the promotion, either. On its website, the closest plan offers 6GB of data for $60 per month. If you’re Koodo customer in New Brunswick, you may have some luck calling the carrier, though your mileage may vary.

Koodo 10GB/$60GB promo NB

In any case, we’ve reached out to Koodo for more information. We’ll update this article as soon as we hear back.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff!