OnePlus 6T will reportedly launch in October

It might be the first device in Canada with an in-display fingerprint sensor

OnePlus’ next flagship smartphone will launch in October, according to a new report from CNET.

The phone will likely be called the OnePlus 6T. This launch date isn’t unusual for the company, as it typically operates on a tic-toc release cycle. OnePlus drops a new phone every second release, that’s followed with an update on that design, resulting in two devices a year.

The upcoming phone’s speculatively priced at $550 USD (roughly $719 CAD). In comparison, that’s about $20 CAD more than the base price of the OnePlus 6.

OnePlus’ parent company, Oppo, recently released a new phone called the R17. Given that Oppo owns OnePlus, it’s likely that the design of the company’s next phone will be based off the R17. 

The R17 features a tiny notch that looks even smaller than the Essential phone’s camera-only bump. The phone also includes an in-display fingerprint sensor. If OnePlus brings this tech to its next phone it would be the first smartphone manufacturer to introduce the technology in Canada.

Releasing the phone in October means that it’s going to come out a little less than half a year after the OnePlus 6. This timing is good for the company since it puts OnePlus up against Apple’s and Google’s new phones in the fall.

Source: Cnet