Koodo doubles data, talk and text on U.S. roaming boosters

The boosters are stackable and don't expire

Telus-owned Koodo Mobile has brought back an offer that doubles up data, voice and text for prepaid U.S. roaming boosters.

What’s more, forum users on Red Flag Deals report that the offer is stackable or repeatable — that is, you can purchase multiple boosters, though you have to add and checkout the boosters one at a time.

This diverges from the winter 2017 version of the deal, which limited the boosters one customer could purchase.

Below, see the currently doubled-up U.S. boosters:

U.S. Roaming Data Booster add-ons
$20 500 MB + 500 MB BONUS
$5 50 MB + 50 MB BONUS

U.S. Roaming Talk Booster add-ons
$20 250 min. + 250 min. BONUS
$5 25 min. + 25 min. BONUS

U.S. Roaming Text Booster add-ons
$20 1000 texts + 1000 texts BONUS
$5 250 texts + 250 texts BONUS

Any Koodo prepaid company predicting a trip to the U.S. in the near future would be wise to stock up — booster add-ons don’t expire and any unused minutes, text or data carry over when a customer renews their base plan.

The Canada-wide booster add-ons are not currently doubled up, though some of the base plans feature 2GB of bonus data.

Source: Koodo Via: RFD