Coinsquare launches white label licensing platform that offers digital currency trading


Toronto-based Cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare has launched Coinsquare Licensing, which will allow domestic and international businesses to offer a digital currency trading solution powered by Coinsquare’s technology to their clients.

Coinsquare said that Leah Carr, the vice president of licensing at Coinsquare and the host of FinTechTO, launched Coinsquare Licensing in March 2018.

In Canada, the company has partnered with businesses to offer an API solution that will facilitate integrations into new or existing applications and give end-users access to digital currency trading. Internationally, Coinsquare Licensing has partnered with global businesses to launch white labelled platforms that aim to provide a consistent brand experience and are tailored for specific markets and clients.

To date, Coinsquare Licensing has signed a partnership with the blockchain investment bank DLTα 21 to launch a digital currency trading platform in Japan using Coinsquare’s technology. The trading platform will be launched under the DLTa21X name after receiving all required regulatory approvals in Japan to provide customers with innovative ways to trade approved digital currencies.

“We’re thrilled to be announcing the launch of Coinsquare Licensing,” said Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare. “The demand for a product like this is a testament to the growing appetite for digital currency integration both in Canada and abroad. We look forward to working closely with businesses around the world to offer a digital currency solution that best suits the trading needs of their clients.”

Coinsquare raised a $10.5 million Series A investment in December 2017, and a $30 million equity financing round with Canaccord in February 2018. Earlier this year, Coinsquare also reported that it’s working to raise $150 million through an IPO.

Source: Coinsquare

This article was originally published on BetaKit