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Viewer Experience podcast Ep. 7: The Incredibles go 2 Washington

On this week's episode: Incredibles 2 and internet, video game and screen addiction

What makes Incredibles 2 so fascinating is how intimately aware it is of the current state of politics in the world. It’s a movie set in the 1960s that somehow manages to address the conversations about feminism, gun control and identity that are taking place today. All that, and it also manages to cram in a story about screen addiction as well.

This week, MobileSyrup news and telecom reporter Sameer Chhabra speaks with MobileSyrup news and telecom editor Rose Behar about Brad Bird’s Incredibles 2.

Later in the episode, Fardous Hosseiny — national director of public policy and government relations at the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) — sheds some insight on the subjects of internet, video game and screen addiction.

For more information about the resources offered at the CMHA, visit the Centre’s problematic internet use website.

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