Samsung is taking away the ‘My Bixby Level’ feature from its smartphones

It's unclear why Samsung is doing this, but it could have something to do with scaling back the platform


Samsung is shutting down its Bixby gamification feature called ‘My Bixby Level.’

When the South Korean manufacturer launched the Galaxy S8 line of phones, it also released its own virtual assistant named Bixby. Since then Bixby has been the default virtual assistant on all of Samsung’s newer phones, but many people still weren’t using the lacklustre voice-activated assistant.

The company’s plan to convince users that Bixby was worth checking out was to gamify it. This is where My Bixby Level comes in. Whenever a user interacted with Bixby they’d receive points that could then be redeemed for things like gift cards or new background colours in the phone.

It’s unclear why Samsung is shutting down the program. It’s possible too many people were taking advantage of the free stuff, or that the company could be rolling back its focus Bixby as a platform overall.

The feature will shut down on August 10th 2018 according to a notification that some Bixby users have received, as first reported by The Verge. 

Via: The Verge 


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