Microsoft will reportedly unveil HoloLens 2 later this year

Photo of Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset

Microsoft plans to unveil the HoloLens 2 later this year and release it in the first quarter of 2019, according to The Verge. The publication cites “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans.”

Microsoft released the original HoloLens in 2016.

The upcoming HoloLens, codenamed Sydney, as first reported by Thurrott.com, will reportedly include an improved field of view and a lighter and more comfortable frame. The Verge reports that the headset will include a variant of Windows 10 designed specifically for mixed reality.

Further, the headset is said to include an ARM-based processor that will help boost battery life. Additionally, HoloLens 2 is said to include Microsoft’s latest generation Kinect sensor and a custom AI chip designed to improve performance.

The current, intended for developers, headset costs $4,000 CAD on the Canadian Microsoft store.

Source: The Verge, Thurrott.com