Tesla’s 10,000th Supercharger station is in Belleville, Ontario

Tesla is making it easier to travel far with its vechicles

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Tesla has been building out its Supercharger network since it started selling cars. The company recently reached a major milestone: there are now 10,000 Superchargers across the world.

The 10,000th Supercharger was installed in Belleville Ontario, according to the company’s Instagram. The post went up on June 10th, so it’s likely the charger was installed over the weekend.

Including the Belleville charger, there are now 49 different places to Supercharge Tesla cars in Canada, with 87 more coming soon.

Tesla’s 10000th Supercharger is now open in Belleville, Ontario

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Superchargers are Tesla’s version of a gas station. On average, each one can charge a Tesla vehicle to full in approximately 75.

Some vehicles receive Supercharger credits so they can use the chargers for free while some other like the Model 3 have to pay a small fee to use the charger. In Ontario, it costs $0.40 CAD per minute if the driver uses more than 60 kW and $0.20 per minute if less than 60 kW are used.

To learn more about Superchargers Tesla has an FAQ section on their website here.

Source: Instagram