Dell working on foldable dual-screen Windows 10 device: report

The device allegedly runs on an unreleased Qualcomm chip

Surface Pro with LTE

Dell is reportedly working on a dual-screen Windows 10 device codenamed ‘Januss.’

According to a report by WinFuture, Dell appears to be working on a foldable touchscreen device. The device will allegedly run on an unreleased Qualcomm 850 ARM chipset.

This could lend credence to rumours that Microsoft is working on its own dual-screen device. Microsoft has worked closely with hardware partners in the past to create similar looking laptops. If Dell is working on a device like this, other OEM partners may be as well.

For some time, Microsoft was also rumoured to be making a dual-screen Surface device. The device sports a unique hinge and foldable design and resembles a surface with two screens.

Regardless, the rumours have inspired some quite interesting design concepts.


Last year, CEO Satya Nadella hinted that the next Microsoft phones might not look like phones at all. A device like those shown in the concept images could be an interesting smartphone-Windows hybrid device.

Microsoft has worked on a similar portable tablet device in the past. However, the device was canceled. That device resembled a more traditional tablet, but it took on a smaller eight inch form factor. As we’ve seen, the smaller tablet has largely disappeared in favour of larger phones.

Dell was also working on a more traditional mobile device called Stack. Unfortunately, Dell cancelled the device as well.

These new concepts show off what could be a potentially awesome device. However, like past attempts at a mobile Surface device, this one might never see a full release.

Source: WinFuture via The Verge