Dell is reportedly building an all-in-one Windows 10 mobile Continuum device


  • Marc Palumbo

    Definitely would be interesting and original, but I still worry about the battery. If one cannot get a full day of phone use, then don’t release it.

    • hhvdblom

      If it runs as a phone it uses 3.5W, when docked it uses 12W and goes on big power 🙂

  • Fodder0f4

    It would be SO nice to have one device to rule them all but I’m not sure it’s feasible.

    I have an old i7 laptop that does my grunt work (and will until it dies…then I’ll get a Surface Book), a Tab A for note taking (it’s nice having the digitization go right to OneNote..does anyone know if OneNote does OCR of PDFs attached to it? something I could try out), and a S7 edge to be the mobile gap between the two when both are tucked away in my laptop bag.

    • Mr Dog

      Exactly my thoughts as well. It seems like a great idea but it is just not feasible at this point in time. Especially since the software is not there yet either,

    • Will Maitner

      Interesting idea, until you talked about the Samsung devices and the Surface Book. Give me a real laptop instead of that Surface and an iPad/iPhone combo and I’m game.

  • Graham Fluet

    I hope it has a cellular radio and can make phone calls, otherwise I’d have no reason to carry it around.

  • The Iceman Cometh

    Dell makes crap so matter what they release here I’ll take a pass

    • Will Maitner

      Better than Lenovo or HP.

    • Jon Shopping

      Eh I would argue that Lenovo has a leg up on Dell. I like the Dell business machines, but at all price points Lenovo delivers solid machines.

      HP build quality seems to be getting cheaper every day.

    • The Iceman Cometh

      Actually Lenovo is better quality than Dell these days. Sorry

  • Will Maitner

    Excuse me, but if it’s running an x86 processor, then it can run full Windows, so no Continuum required. Just dock it like you would the Venue 8 to a Plugable Pro8 dock.

    • hhvdblom

      It goes much further. You can use your phone as a mouse, a remote, etc. while having with continuum a desktop like experience. Win32 apps have to be hosted in a windows container. There are things that have to be taken care of will this automagically work. Thats why it will be finished april next year with another update of Windows 10.

  • Jon Duke

    À phone with a x86 chip that becomes a full computer? Pass it my way!