Uber might soon start using Waymo’s self-driving cars

Uber thinks a partnership with Waymo could benefit both companies

Uber pickup

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi stated during an interview at Recode’s Code Conference, that his company is discussing a deal with Waymo.

During a brief lawsuit in February of 2018 Waymo accused Uber of stealing trade secrets, with the information relating to how the company’s self-driving technology works.

Since then Khosrowshahi told Recode that the two companies relationship is getting better and that a Waymo and Uber partnership could be “a good thing.”

“That will be fundamental to the technology. If it’s shared, you want to have the highest utilization rates possible. Owning or being a part of the largest rideshare network on a global basis will enable you to get the highest utilization out of your autonomous cars,” said Khosrowshahi in an interview with Recode

This partnership could help Uber become the first place that a lot of people can utilize self-driving technology.

It isn’t looking like the average person is going to get to own or ride in an autonomous car any time soon.

If Uber starts offering self-driving rides through its app it could be the quickest way for the public to start utilizing the new technology.

Source: Recode