Reddit user makes homemade Android-powered gaming smartphone

Homebrew smartpone

A Reddit user that goes by the name ‘LexieD’ has created what might be one of the most impressive-looking DIY hardware projects I’ve ever encountered.

The device, which LexieD says stands in for their phone, features GPS, 4G LTE and is capable of making phone calls — oh, and it also is capable of smoothly running various Android-based console emulators.

Smartphone homebrew

Along with this functionality, the device also features built-in controllers, which means you won’t need to use touch screen controls with games that were originally designed to be played with a controller.

The homemade console/smartphone also utilizes parts salvaged from Nintendo’s 3DS, though it unfortunately isn’t actually capable of playing 3DS titles because there isn’t a working android emulator for the handheld yet.

The phone is based on open hardware Android SBC called KitePhone, which comes with all the required components to build your own device. The project, which originated on Kickstarter, is sort of like a Rasberry Pi, but in the smartphone space. Processor wise, the handheld is powered by a Snapdragon 410. The body of the device was also 3D printed on a Flux Delta printer.

A second version of the KitePhone kit that features a Snapdragon 450 processor is currently in the works.

For more on LexieD’s clever, all-in-one homebrew project, check out their comprehensive Reddit post.

Source: Reddit