Canada’s wireless service providers will be conducting public alerting tests from May 6-12

The tests will be part of ‘Emergency Preparedness Week’


As part of the soon-to-be implemented wireless public alerting system set to launch on April 6th, 2018, Canada’s wireless service providers will be conducting emergency alert testing in May 2018.

The tests will be conducted from May 6th to May 12th, 2018 as part of ‘Emergency Preparedness Week.’

According to a March 29th, 2018 CRTC media release, “this will be an opportunity for Canadians to become familiar with how public alert messages will be delivered to their mobile devices, including the tone and vibration cadence that will distinguish them from regular text messages.”

The emergency alerts will be sent using carriers’ LTE networks, and all devices capable of receiving LTE wireless public alerts (WPA) will be included in the tests.

Once the WPA system comes into effect on April 6th, carriers will be able to ‘wave off’ testing emergency alerts, under the circumstance that subscribers are informed why tests won’t or can’t be conducted, as well as when subscribers will begin receiving test alerts once again.

“Nothing is more important than making sure Canadians are informed in a timely matter about an imminent danger such as a tornado, wildfire or Amber Alert when a child’s life is in grave danger,” said Ian Scott, chairperson and CEO of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), in a March 29th, 2018 media release.

“Mandatory distribution of public emergency alert messages on mobile devices will help do just that. Along with the wireless industry and our partners in federal, provincial and territorial governments, the CRTC has worked to provide Canadians with the emergency system they need to take appropriate safety measures if need be.”

Source: CRTC