Samsung’s unannounced foldable Galaxy X reimagines the flip phone

Samsung Galaxy X

We’ve heard so much about foldable displays and foldable phones over the last few years that, at this point, I really just want one to be publicly released.

The latest in the never-ending onslaught of foldable device patents and rumours, stems from a new filing with the World Intellectual Property Organization (PIPO), first discovered by LetsGoDigital, a Netherlands-based tech site.

The foldable smartphone, which is reportedly called the Samsung Galaxy X, is tipped to launch later this year, or early next year in the U.S.

Samsung’s also reportedly shown the smartphone behind closed doors at CES 2018, so at least a select few of the technology journalist elite have glimpsed this mythical device.

Samsung Galaxy X

In terms of technical specs, the Galaxy X is rumoured to feature a 7.3-inch OLED display and early reports indicate that it will also likely come with a stylus. This corroborates the head of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh, and his earlier comments saying that the Galaxy X would be part of the company’s Note line.

“Samsung has the foldable smartphone in its roadmap for the Note series and is currently working to solve a series of hurdles before unveiling it next year,” said Koh in an interview with the Korea Herald.

The smartphone will reportedly use a polyimide film in order to create a foldable screen and according to the patent filing, it will be lightweight, flexible and resistant to heat and chemicals. Business Korea says the phone was originally slated for a Q3 2017 release, but Samsung’s parts supplier didn’t end up having the Galaxy X’s manufacturing facility ready until January 2018.

More so than any other foldable device related leak, the Galaxy X actually looks like a phone I might want. As a nostalgic person, I’ve always been drawn to flip phones — even in 2018. In many ways, the Galaxy X seems to be a revival of that classic clamshell design that was once so popular in the mid 2000s, but with a modern twist.

Some questions still remain for me though, particularly if the foldable feature is able to move past being just another silly gimmick. I also question how strong the device’s hinge is in reality, since that will dictate the device’s build quality perhaps even more so than the foldable display.

Image credit: LetsGoDigital

Source: LetsGoDigitalKorea Herald, Business Korea