Nearly half of Canadians would share personal information for lower insurance premiums, says survey


  • It’s Me

    The majority of Canadians will give up personal info for free or even pay to give it up. Fewer it seems will give it up to save money.

    • MoYeung

      You mean the $25 loblaw card for bread price-fixing scandal?

  • heynow00

    Nothing with ~0.00003 % of Canadians surveyed should be able to make the claim ‘nearly half of Canadians’.

  • ChrisPollard77

    Uh, yeah … because insurance companies would DEFINITELY use any collected data to LOWER insurance costs. Uh-huh. “You accelerate slightly too quickly, on average … here’s a fee increase.” “You don’t come to a full and complete stop 83% of the time. Your rates just doubled.” “You were traveling 2km over the posted speed limit. Your insurance has been cancelled due to high risk activities. Thank you for your voluntary participation in this program.”

  • Anonymous Agent

    How is surveying 1000 Canadians count as half of Canadians willing to give up personal information. I think Canada has a population greater than 2000 people lmao lol. The title of this article needs to be changed because its incorrect.

    • Avgvstvs

      It’s called statistical significance.