PIAC files CRTC application to clarify unlocking rules after complaints from former wireless customers

The consumer advocacy group filed a petition to Canada’s telecom watchdog to clarify who can get their phones unlocked


  • Jon Duke

    I thought the term “everyone” was pretty self explanatory. If you buy phones from places like staples, they come unlock. If you buy a phone from a carrier, it’s unlock of they unlock it. If you buy a second hand phone from a carrier on Kijiji, you call whoever it’s locked to and they unlock it. Fairly simple in my humble opinion.

    Before someone asks, if you buy a US phone then you’re out of luck cause CRTC is Canadian.

    • John Lofwire

      Agreed that how Bell and Telus applying it. ( beside on bigger 16 lines and more corporate account as they are not covered by the wireless code )

      Apparently Rogers do not and play around with words..

    • kerryforrest

      On the consumer side if the device was locked to Rogers and we can find it we unlock it. Has been Rogers policy since December 1st. Any resistance is a lack of knowledge by the agent. Our knowledge tool shows the updated policy.
      Only issue with unlocking a non client’s device I see is if the imei is blacklisted. This is checked through our unlock tool and if the device is on that list sorry. Which seems perfectly reasonable.
      Personally have unlocked over 5 devices for callers who did not have an account in the past 3 days.

    • Jon Duke

      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised one of them would play with words to gt away from it.

  • If the wording says anything about customer or consumer unlocking, they aren’t legally required to unlock your phone if they didn’t sell it to you. They will not sell without a plan and if you get a phone through a third party, you are SOL.
    This new code just seems to be a tactic to keep phone sales in house. People will think twice before going else where but the carriers because you will have these kinds of issue. Unless they make it less difficult.

    • Kenrick Miller

      Not everyone caught up in this word game bought their phone from a third party. Some people had their phone until the contract expired then canceled the phone. It is still their phone bought from the carrier but because they are not current subscribers the carrier doesn’t want to unlock the phone

    • John Lofwire

      all phone sold starting 1 of december are unlocked right away no matter what type of agreement you signed.

      So in the long run this wont be an issue.

  • Do Do

    The CRTC always writes things leaving wiggle room for the carriers. They are after all, partners.

  • MoYeung

    More word games to impede consumer’s rights… Typical.

  • Atul

    I was told by Rogers that old phone under Corporate plan cannot be unlocked. Is there any rule about that?

    • Bob

      Hi Atul, enterprise or corporate contracts do not fall under the Wireless Code so these policies do not apply. Source – I’m a Rogers employee. Thanks!

    • John Lofwire

      Typical from rogers.

      If the phone is currently under a 3 years corporate contract no carrier have obligation to unlock it.

      If the contract is over and the device is used on any 2 years plans at any carrier the original carrier need to unlock the phone for free.

      That the right interpretation that carrier like Bell and Telus follow.

  • Ian

    The easiest, simplest, friction-free application of the CRTC policy for the carriers would be to just unlock any device on demand for free.