Google is pulling its YouTube app from Amazon’s Fire TV Stick


  • Jon R

    I’ve tried a few ways to consume Amazon Prime Video but I find it so frustrating. I really hope they’ll work something out with Google and I can cast it!

    • John Lofwire

      Agreed. same for amazon prime music to be possible to use with google home product.

  • Sandro

    Indeed. Amazon Prime Video is not available on Chromecast. That’s one of the reason for what I won’t renew my subscription.

  • Jon Duke

    Good job. It’s time someone shows that Bruce Willis wanna be that he’s not in charge.

  • Marshall Davidson

    With more and more other platforms allowing for Amazon Video streaming does it really matter if you can cast this or not? Its a built-in app on TV and available on Xbox, PS4, Nvidia, and now Apple TV. It just becomes redundant in my view however Amazon’s petty BS not permitting the sale of Google products or Apple products on their site is really taking it to the gutter.
    The only hardware that Amazon has had a hit with is the Echo and Kindle devices because the FireTV, FireTablet and FirePhone are all crap going nowhere fast, the latter two totally flopped. Bezos should wake up to the fact that people want one-stop shopping for even those rival devices he thinks are eating away at his business but the popularity of the competing hardware died out long ago. Put it to bed already

  • SmellyOaf

    Google’s got Amazon by it’s horns here. It will be fascinating to see how this ends up.
    It’s surprising that Google didn’t do this earlier though. But heck they timed it right, just before the holiday season.

  • Nundo

    I don’t understand why mobilesyrup’s forum keep blocking my comments.

    But from someone who uses the Canadian version of the amazon stick in Canada, I can confirm that Youtube does not come preloaded with an actual Youtube app. There is an app shortcut that when clicked redirects you to the actual youtube mobile site … but that’s it.
    I actually sideloaded the youtube android TV apk and it works like a charm.
    I wonder if they are going to block the youtube mobile shortcut..

    • Irfan

      Don’t give to much ideas these corporate, stick these secrets…😀

  • Irfan

    Shame amazon not sharing google products on amazon Shopping website. Should learn sharing for other business partners.